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What dates are available?

You can fill out the Event Application or contact the Event Team for more information.

What are the available hours for hosting an event?

All City View rentals are at 20 hour block from 8:00am – 4:00am. This allows you time for load in, set up, event and load out. 
If your event is less than 3 months away, we are open to considering partial-day rentals. Please inquire with the Event Team for more information.

What are the operating hours of the building?

METREON Building Hours: 
10:30am – 8:30pm         Sunday to Thursday
10:30am – 9:30pm         Friday to Saturday
However, since AMC occupies 2 floors of the METREON, hours may fluctuate depending on movie showings. If you choose to have an event outside these hours, we can position security to let in guests attending your event.

What is the earliest time an event may load in?

Load-in starts at 8:00am on event day. Load-in may occur as early as 6:00am with management approval for an additional charge.

What is the latest time an event may load out?

Event load out is to be completed by 4:00am. Load-out may occur as late as 6:00am with management approval for an additional charge.


Where is City View located?

City View is located on the 4th floor of the METREON Shopping Center at 135 4th Street, at the corner of Mission and 4th Street, in San Francisco, CA

How do guests access the venue?

The 4th floor is accessible via 2 passenger elevators and escalators.

How large is the venue?

City View is a large-scale event space encompassing 20,000 square feet of interior space, including a 3,000 square foot lobby, featuring floor to ceiling glass windows offering dynamic views of San Francisco. Adjacent to the interior space is an 11,000 square foot outdoor terrace overlooking the beautiful Yerba Buena Gardens.

What is the venue capacity?*

500-800 guests in City View (excludes terrace) for seated dinners with a program.
1,200 guests in City View (excludes terrace) for standing receptions.
2,000 guests in City View and terrace for standing receptions.
*Depending on layout of floor plan, all capacities must be approved by SFFD.

How does Load-In/Load-Out work?

We have a loading dock as well as street cut out on Howard Street that provide direct access to our shared freight elevator.

Are there parking facilities on-site?

Parking is not permitted in the METREON/Marriott Loading dock area. However, we are located next to the 5th & Mission Garage. It is the largest public parking structure in the city and it is open 24 hours a day.
(Website: www.fifthandmission.com).

Is valet parking available on-site?

We do not have access to valet parking.

How do guests access the venue?

City View is located on the 4th floor of the METREON and is accessible via 2 passenger elevators and escalators. There is ADA access from all building entrances as well.

Is there any public transportation near your venue?

City View is centrally located in the heart of SoMa and is walking distance to several major BART and bus stops.

Can the passenger elevators be privatized?

No, unfortunately they are within a public space.

Is there a designated area for registration & coat check?

City View features a 3,000 square foot contemporary lobby and 450 square foot coat check facility with racks. Hangers and tickets must be provided.

Are food & beverage services permitted in the venue?

It is highly recommended that clients select a caterer from our Preferred Vendors list. This list is comprised of caterers who have an established relationship with City View, are familiar with the facilities and the required rules and regulations, respect the Center’s mission and have excellent reputations. If there will be alcohol served at your event, an alcohol catering permit must be completed, approved and submitted to Management at least 15 days prior to your event.

Are there kitchen facilities available on-site?

Conveniently located within the venue, the catering kitchen features space for food preparation, storage, and staging. The kitchen is a prep and production space to be used for finishing, plating and bussing only.

Are additional permits required for open-flame, amplified sound, alcohol, etc.?

It is the client’s responsibility to obtain all the necessary permits required per event. This may include, but is not limited to, fire, amplified sound, alcohol, and tenting permits.

Are vehicles allowed inside of the venue?

Installation of automobiles, scooters, and/or motorcycles must be coordinated with City View Event Management. Please inquire for more details.

Is cigarette smoking allowed?

Smoking is permitted in designated areas on the terrace. However, all interior METREON facilities are designated as non-smoking.

How many restroom facilities are there in the venue?

There are 18 restroom facilities available in the lobby and within the City View space.

Does City View provide furniture or décor?

City View does not provide furniture or décor rentals for the event space, with the exception of our living walls on our terrace.

Does City View have a list of preferred vendors?

Yes, it is highly recommended that clients select a vendor from the Preferred Vendors list. All vendors are familiar with the facility and have an excellent history of working within City View.

Does the venue provide security and if so, how many guards?

METREON has a professional security staff on duty at all times. For your event at City View we provide a set number of security guards based on the occupancy and type of event taking place, with a minimum of 1 per 250 guests. If you wish to hire additional security, we will provide you with the company we use.

Does the venue provide housekeeping before and during the event?

City View provides basic clean-up of the venue prior to the event, trash monitoring, bathroom attendants, basic security and venue supervisor during the hours of the event. We also provide an elevator operator in our service elevator for load in/out. Clients are responsible for securing any additional staff during the hours of the event.

Do you provide registration/check-in? What about coat-check staff?

City View does not provide staffing for either check-in or coat-check.

What additional staffing do you provide?

We provide an event engineer for basic adjustments to ambient lighting and air control, accessing building power, and general oversight of floorplan safety. We also provide a venue event supervisor for building needs/guidance and a freight elevator operator to assist with load-in and load-out. Clients are responsible for securing any additional staffing required.

Is there storage available on-site before and after an event?

There is no storage available at the City View event space.

Is there storage available on-site before and after an event? Are package deliveries allowed?

There is no storage available at the City View event space, with the exception of pre-event package deliveries. Deliveries are allowed up to 3 days in advance. Please inquire with the Events Team for more information.

What are the in-house A/V capabilities and is there a stage available?

City View is not a vendor of A/V equipment and does not provide technical planning or installations beyond advising clients of the capabilities of the on-site permanent equipment. City View house lighting comes as a basic package and should be used for ambient purposes only. All venue rentals include basic floor power – Show Power is available for a fee. Please see our Preferred Vendors list for staging needs, as there is no stage on our premises.

Is there internet or Wi-Fi provided on-site?

We provide basic unlocked Wi-Fi within City View (up to 25mbps for up to 2000 users). More robust Wi-Fi and data capabilities are available for an additional fee. Please inquire with the Events Team for more information.

Is the tent permanently installed?

City View does not provide tenting on the terrace area. Any tents present for events are provided by outside vendors. We highly recommended that clients select a vendor from our Preferred Vendors list.


Is there a venue rental discount for non-profit organizations?

Non-profit organizations are extended a discount off the venue rental fee, pending management approval and a valid 501(C)3.

Is a deposit required to secure a reservation?

50% of the rental fee is required to secure your booking. In addition, a $5,000 security deposit is required for events in City View space 15 days prior to your event. Any repair costs, damages, or cleaning charges incurred by City View will be deducted from this amount and the balance refunded.

Are there overtime charges for loading-in and loading-out?

Additional hours for set-up and strike outside of agreed-upon times may be billed at an overtime rate starting at $1000 per hour.

Are there any other additional fees not included in the rental of the space?

Additional fees for the venue rentals are as follows:
Rigging                                     $1,000 - $3,000 fee
Show power                           $300 per 100amp
Additional Hours                  $1,000 + labor costs exceeding the hours of                                                               8:00am-4:00am on event day.
Tenting Day                            $2,500                                                                                Tenting                                     $1,500 - $2,500


Is there access to a loading dock & freight elevator, and if so where is the access location?

All loading must take place through the Howard Street cut out and/or the Loading Dock, accessible between 3rd and 4th Streets from Howard Street. Both directly access our shared freight elevator. (Dimensions:  Doors = 5’ W x 8’ H Inside = 8’4” W X 9’5” H X 10’2” D)

Is there equipment available for use in-house? If so, what equipment and are there additional charges for usage?

Vendors must bring their own equipment including ladders, dollies, scissor lifts, hand trucks, etc. City View will not loan property to clients or subcontractors.

What are the power specifications throughout the venue? Is there power accessible on the terrace? 

Interior electrical floor plans may be provided by City View Event Management upon request. Basic power is available on the terrace, with additional power available for a fee upon request. Up to 1200 additional amps of power are available throughout the venue.

What are the building’s policies for garbage and recycling removal?

The client is responsible for taking all garbage and recycling completely off site.  Most caterers will take garbage with them as part of their service, but if need be we can provide a list of waste management vendors.

Do you require insurance?

Yes, all clients and their vendors/subcontractors must provide insurance. Please inquire with the Events Team for specific requirements.

Can we provide our own alcohol?

Yes. However, all alcohol must be served by someone who is both licensed and permitted to serve.

Can we place signage for our event downstairs?

Directional signage is permitted in the common areas of the METREON shopping center to assist guests in finding their way up to the City View event space. Signage is not permitted outside of the building. Additional branding opportunities are available as well – please inquire with the Events Team for more information.

How do I contact Lost & Found?

Any items leftover after events in the City View space are managed by our Security Dispatch office. They can be reached by email at psc12188@pscsite.com or by phone at (415) 369-6060.

Are animals permitted in the event space?

Animals are not permitted on Metreon property with the exception of guide dogs or service animals unless special arrangements have been made with Metreon Management