Event Date: *
Event Date:
Event Start Time: *
Event Start Time:
(charges may apply if in excess of contracted event hours)
Event End Time: *
Event End Time:
(charges may apply if in excess of contracted event hours)
(if guests are on a flow please indicate the highest number of guests at any one time; charges may apply if in excess of contracted guest count)
Onsite Contact Name: *
Onsite Contact Name:
Onsite Contact Phone Number: *
Onsite Contact Phone Number:
You must provide tickets and staffing. City View has racks and hangers on-site.
You must provide your own signage; up to five (5) 22" x 28" are permitted. Foam-core insert sign holders are available from our team - please let us know if and how many you'd like to use.
Must be permitted with Yerba Buena Gardens; Mission Street Cut-Out is recommended.
Walls may be placed anywhere outside on the terrace only; walls must remain on the terrace whether or not they are being specifically used for the event.
If yes, please specify timing for each partition.
If yes, please specify/describe size and number of items.
Drop off and pick up times must be included on the Production Timeline and take place per the designated area in the Loading Dock. Lifts must be escorted to and from the 4th floor with a minimum of two personnel. Maximum lift size cannot exceed 26' x 32".
A/V vendor must pull/distribute their own power and provide all required equipment. Additional power is billed at $300/100 amp per event day.
City View will set heaters on terrace. Additional power may be required for installing. A/V vendor must pull their own power and place/connect heaters. Heaters may not be placed inside tents.
All AV equipment needs to be on tripods or 2" foam
$1,500 - $3,000 fee for ceiling access of up to 2 days. Hanging is permitted from rig points or truss only unless otherwise arranged.
We do not make circuit adjustments in-house. All lighting control equipment must be ANSI E1.31/sACN capable. The system as installed does not support ArtNet, or any other Network Lighting control protocols. Please use the 10.101.90.xxx section of the IP range for your console.
Guests/attendees are not permitted in the DJ platform areas.
All internet services are provided through Moscone Facility Services (MFS). You must reach out to MFS directly via the order form provided to you.
(Standard Party Rental, Bright Event Rentals, and Hensley Party Rentals are our approved tenting vendors)
Please note that security is required while guests are on-site at all times. All guests must leave the venue by the designated event end time.
If yes, please coordinate with venue management.
Please note that Last Call for alcohol service is required to be at least 30 minutes prior to event end time
MINIMUM $500 + $2/person fine if any trash is left onsite
No outside sources of fuel are permitted. (Candles, sternos, and cassette feu/portable butane are excepted with appropriate permit from SFFD.)
Please note that permits are required for any use of flame or gas at the venue.
Fire extinguishers are required for any use of flame or gas.
Sorting must be done offsite.